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 DCI group



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- company DCI group provides complex sales, warranty and post-warranty service of PCs, notebooks and servers
- services in design, creation and placement of web page on the Internet
- configuration of Windows Server 200x, UNIX and Linux
- consulting and implementation of VPNs (Virtual Private Network)
- VOIP solutions, data and telephone networks
- audio, video security systems
- securing of LAN, WAN WiFi and various WLAN networks
- configuration and installation of WLAN wireless networks 2,4 GHz – 5 GHz PoE
- scanning, backup and cleaning computers and networks from viruses
- 24/7 network monitoring
- interconnecting foreign branches, warehouses, domestic workplaces and headquarters
- design and sales of office technology
- consulting in the fields of information technology, sales and accounting
- development of a business plan
- development of a company charter and submitting application for registering a company in companies register or sole-proprietorship bureau
- compilation of single- and double-entry accounting
- compilation of tax returns of all kinds
- tax consulting



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